Beer of the Weekend #738: Victory at Sea

The Hawkeye men got a victory at the Well tonight, so the beer tonight is Victory at Sea, brewed by Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits of San Diego, California.

Victory at Sea pours an opaque black color into a tulip. Two fingers of dense, tan, bubble-spotted head dissipates very slowly, leaving a lot of lacing stuck to the glass. The aroma is an enticing blend of vanilla and coffee. Instead of overpowering espresso, the coffee is reminiscent of the pleasing aroma that greets ones nose when walking into a coffee shop. It dominates, but vanilla is still noticeable. The flavor features a bold roasted character and the alcohol is quite prominent. Vanilla is intertwined with the coffee flavor and the alcohol. The alcohol mellows as the beer continues to warm and the vanilla and coffee work together to drive the flavor. A roasted bitterness lingers on the tonsils and the back of the tongue.

Fun facts about Victory at Sea:

• Style: Imperial porter.

• Price: $2.99 per 12-ounce bottle at the Hy-Vee on Waterfront Drive in Iowa City.

• Alcohol content: 10 percent.

• Food pairings: Recommended on the beer’s webpage are pulled pork sandwich, chicken mole, and German chocolate cake.

• IBU: 60.

The Quiet Man’s grade: B+/A-.

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