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I Finally Watched: 'Teen Witch'

There’s additional impetus for me to watch all the movies on my DVR: I’m cutting the cord and switching to Hulu. So after work on Friday, I cracked open my last Mocha Merlin, got comfortable on the couch, and watched what may be the strangest, most cringe-worthy, and intensely eighties movie I have ever seen: Teen Witch.

Louise Miller (Robyn Lively) is a shy high school student smitten with the star quarterback. Through a chance encounter with a seer (Zelda Rubinstein), Louise learns she is a witch and gains magical powers on her 16th birthday. With the seer’s help, Louise masters witchcraft and uses it to become the most popular girl in school.

I recorded Teen Witch in a lighthearted quest to rediscover the cheesy eighties movies I watched when I was a kid, movies I remember bits and pieces of but don’t recall their titles. I wondered if Teen Witch was one of them, but my Friday viewing proved it’s not. Regardless, I finally watched Teen Witch, a movie that is so eighties, I’m surpr…

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