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Good Tunes: Konac, 'Away'

I’m a road and transportation geek. I love transportation systems and infrastructure, which is why I often watch YouTube videos posted by transport geeks from across the world. Whether they’re filmed by truck drivers, cyclists, or commuters, I love seeing the different road signs, the different road markings, and the smooth and well-kept networks of roads, bike trails, and rail lines built by counties that don’t spend all their money on weaponry.

SimCity is what hooked me, especially SimCity 2000. I built a massive city and became obsessed with building thoroughfares, elevated highways, and subway lines, forever trying to allow the citizens to move efficiently. (Did it work? Probably not.) That obsession continued when I made the jump to SimCity 4.

Despite being nearly 15 years old, SimCity 4 is still a solid game played by many people—including many who post videos of their cities and transportation networks. (Eeee!) People use all kinds of mods and add-ons to build insanely cool stu…

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