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The Bookworm: The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door, by R.L. Stine. 147 pages. Pocket Books. June 1996.

Maybe he doesn’t hate me after all, Crystal thought. He probably didn’t even see me on Sunday. He must have been angry at something else when he kept slamming that hoe into the ground. (p. 25)
Why was the boy next door slamming that hoe into the ground? Because he is one disturbed mofo. However, that does not keep Crystal, her best friend, and sister from obsessing about him, from fighting over who he will ask out first.

Of course, it would not be any fun if they ignored him.

Having finished the Fear Street Saga, The Boy Next Door marks my return to the much more engaging horrors of modern day Shadyside and Fear Street. I was just not a big fan of the Saga miniseries. Not only did the saga of the Fear family and the legend of Fear Street not live up to the hype, the stories were not that interesting. The third book, the finale, was an especially boring bomb (despite the fact I did not mention that in the review; at l…

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