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Good Tunes: 'B.Traits live from Hï for Radio 1 in Ibiza'

On Friday, Bobblehead recommended that I listen to the new LCD Soundsystem album. I recommended that he listen to B.Traits. While I have yet to listen to the album, he listened to the above B.Traits set.

Starting my morning off with a Radio 1, #BTraits mix: (h/t to @The_Quiet_Man22 for the excellent rec) #technomorning— Tom Nixon (@litcityblues) September 16, 2017
I had to check it out for myself. Not only had I never listened/watched a Radio 1 mix on the station’s YouTube channel, I wanted to make sure the mix delivered the goods. It does. The last 20 minutes are especially amazing and entrancing, IMHO.

Following B.Traits that night in Ibiza was Maya Jane Coles. (Her set is amazing, too.) Interestingly, I recommended this Essential Mix of hers to Bobblehead a few years ago and he even mentioned it in our text exchange Friday night. Weird.

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