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Beer of the Weekend #852: XHops Maroon

The beer of the weekend is another single bottle: XHops Maroon, brewed by the Toppling Goliath Brewing Company of Decorah, Iowa.

Beer on carpet!

The color is cloudy, medium amber. A finger of dense, beige, bubble-spotted head settles unevenly, leaving bubbly spots of foam, a frothy ring, and lacing stuck to the glass. The aroma is hella fruity and tropical, with a ton of mango. It reminds me a lot of M-43 from Old Nation (which is probably my benchmark for all tropical beers). Pineapple is also present, along with tame citrus, light malt, spice, pine, and maybe a touch of cattiness. The first sip is much more bitter than I was expecting from the aroma; it definitely wakes the taste buds, but is thankfully not as intense in subsequent sips. The earthy bitterness is a major player, and all the other flavors take a back seat, which is unfortunate. Mango and pineapple hang out in the background, but are obviously not as prominent as they are in the aroma. Though the bitterness fades as th…

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