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Beer of the Weekend #888: ReUnion IPA

The beer of the weekend is another local flagship IPA that I have yet to try: ReUnion IPA, brewed by the ReUnion Brewery of Coralville, Iowa.

The color is light, hazy amber. A finger and a half of beige, dense, bubble-spotted, buttery head dissipates slowly.

The dank aroma is noticeable after just unscrewing the growler cap. It is a bouquet of citrus and fruit with scents of grapefruit, orange, arboreal hops, cat piss, and a nondescript mix of tropical fruit (maybe pineapple, maybe mango). It smells a lot like weed, or at least it is nearly as pungent.

The flavor is not as juicy, citrusy, or tropical, but it is still very good stuff. The hops and bitterness carry the flavor with pine, floral hops, caramel sweetness, and the bouquet of citrus and tropical fruit. It is a drinkable and very tasty mélange. It is super dank. Woo! The bitterness lingers on the taste buds long after each sip.

Fun facts about ReUnion IPA:

• Style: IPA.

• Price: $12 for a 64-ounce growler fill at the ReUnion Br…

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