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The Next Step: Getting creative

It’s time to write.

That is the last line of the post about my writing epiphany in March. Have I been writing? A little. It is hard to transition to a new career/life course when working full-time and coping with a health problem and existential crisis at the same time. But I have one freelance piece under my belt and plan to start pitching and writing after the craziness of the next couple weeks.

(Yes, I returned to my beer-writing roots despite not wanting to. I have the contacts and leftover ideas, so I want to use them.)

My decision to switch to writing induced a lot of stress in May. I could not sleep. I lost my appetite; I forced myself to eat. I was restless and could not relax. I worried constantly. The switch will be a life-changing event, and I want to ensure I am changing my life for the better.

Thankfully, I had an epiphany about my epiphany. As I lay in bed one night, racked with anxiety, ready to toss and turn until morning, I realized my epiphany was not about freelanc…

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