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Beer of the Weekend #112: Red Oval Classic Lager

Michigan 60, Iowa 46

Beer of the Weekend #111: Pipeline Porter

Nu shooz: Brooks Defyance 3

The Bookworm: Basin and Range

Howard Zinn, 1922-2010; JD Salinger, 1919-2010

Ohio State 65, Iowa 57

Hot off the Press: The Gestapo on skis edition

Iowa 58, Indiana 43

Beer of the Weekend #110: Belhaven Scottish Ale

The United Corporations of America

Michigan State 70, Iowa 63

Hot off the Press: Brewers of the world unite!

The Bookworm: Bait and Switch

Beer of the Weekend #109: Simpler Times Lager

Iowa 67, Penn State 64

Beer of the Weekend #108: Mocha Porter

One of my worst nightmares

Iowa 67, Tennessee State 62

Hot off the Press: I've been lazy and unwilling edition

Michigan State 71, Iowa 53

Football! done for another season

The Bookworm: Uncommon Carriers

Iowa 24, Georgia Tech 14

Illinois 59, Iowa 42

Beer of the Weekend #107: Mahr’s Weisse

Minnesota 86, Iowa 74

Ohio State 26, Oregon 17