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The Summer of '95: The hike

My resolutions for 2020: The halfway assessment

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The Bookworm: 'The Sleepwalker'

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Beer of the Weekend @ 12

Beer of the Weekend #933: Gable

Beer of the Weekend #932: Oasis Light Lager

Good Tunes: Barenaked Ladies, 'Baby Seat'

Good Tunes: Wilco, 'Impossible Germany'

Good Tunes: Xpansions, 'Move Your Body'

Beer of the Weekend #931: Ellie's Brown Ale

Beer of the Weekend #930: Hill Hopper

Good Tunes: Eddie Halliwell, 'Essential Mix 2005-02-13'

The Bookworm: 'What Holly Heard'

Good Tunes: Foo Fighters, 'Stacked Actors'

Beer of the Weekend #929: Tip the Cow

Good Tunes: Filter, 'Where Do We Go From Here'

The Bookworm: 'Steal Like an Artist'

My resolutions for 2020

Good Tunes: Computer Data, '96'