Beer of the Weekend #731: Transporter

The beer tonight is Transporter, brewed by the Kalona Brewing Company of Kalona, Iowa.

Transporter pours a sexy, opaque black into a pint glass. It poured so thick and creamy that it looked viscous. A finger of tan, almost chocolate mousse-colored head leaves a skim and ring around the edge. The aroma has that soft, distinct Kalona aroma. (Is it the yeast? The water?) Oddly, Transporter smells like Kalona’s lager. Chocolate and roasted malt are noticeable in the background, though, and slowly rise to prominence as the pint warms. The distinct Kalona smell slowly fades, too. However, the aroma remains faint. The mouthfeel is thick, full, and creamy. The flavor is definitely not like Kalona’s lager. It has a substantial roasted malt, almost peat-like characteristic that lingers on the taste buds long after each sip. Dark chocolate is also prominent and there may be some molasses. Since it is brewed with granola, the beer is also granola-like. It is grainy and nutty — similar to something I would eat with yogurt for breakfast. It is smoky and peaty, which is a surprise. It is a roasty, smoky, bitter oatmeal stout. The description on the back mentions “sweet caramel notes” in the flavor. I thought it was nonsense, but after cracking open a second can I can do taste caramel.

Fun facts about Transporter:

• Style: Granola porter.

• Price: $7.99 per four-pack of 16-ounce cans at the New Pioneer Food Co-op in Iowa City. Interestingly, I was not charged the five-cent deposit on each can.

• Alcohol content: 6.1 percent ABV.

• IBU: 23.6.

• Transporter is the third beer in New Pioneer’s series of beers brewed in collaboration with Iowa breweries.

• The granola used the brewing process is New Pi’s very own bakehouse granola.

The Quiet Man’s grade: B+/A-.

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