Beer of the Weekend #729: Snake Hollow IPA

Another night, another beer from the Potosi Brewing Company of Potosi, Wisconsin. The beer tonight is Snake Hollow IPA.

Snake Hollow pours a cloudy amber color into a pint glass. A finger-width of buttery, cream-colored head leaves a skim, spots of bubbles, and a frothy, shiny ring around the edge. The aroma is sweet with a bitter and zesty astringency. There is a massive foundation of caramel. Atop it is somewhat undefined citrus. I want to say it’s grapefruit, but to me it does not stand out as grapefruit. It is much more like a floral, citrusy hop characteristic. The flavor mostly mirrors the aroma, but it has a bold bitterness that continues to work the taste buds long after each sip. The bitterness does, however, slowly fade as the pint continues to warm. Caramel is most noticeable, followed by the astringent hop citrus character. Alcohol is noticeable, too.

Fun facts about Snake Hollow IPA:

• Style: IPA.

• Price: $1.59 per 12-ounce bottle at the “Drug Town” on First Avenue in Iowa City.

• Alcohol content: 6.5 percent ABV.

• According to the brewery’s website, the Potosi valley once teamed with rattlesnakes. It’s nickname? Snake hollow.

• Written on the neck label is “ALL PROFITS TO CHARITY.” According to the brewery’s website, the mission of the Potosi Foundation, which I assume owns the historic brewery, “is to channel all profits into its markets served to support historical and educational initiatives, and charitable causes.”

The Quiet Man’s grade: B.

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