Beer Revisited: Ommegang Abbey Ale

Tonight I am revisiting BotW #314: Ommegang Abbey Ale, brewed by the Brewery Ommegang of Cooperstown, New York.

Back in October, I did a lot of painting for Sweets and Zaza and they gave me a bottle of OAA as both a token of appreciation and a birthday present. (I gave them the friend’s discount.) It has been sitting in my fridge ever since and I thought it was high time to open it.

I did not realize until now, though, that I had already tried and reviewed it. I believe this is the first time I have revisited a beer that was not an aged Anchor Christmas Ale.

Serving type: 750 ml bottle. “PKD ON 05/12/14” and “BEST BY 05/2017” are printed on the neck.

Appearance: Pours a cloudy, deep, ruddy amber. Three fingers of dense, fluffy, light tan head dissipates slowly and unevenly, leaving a short trail of lacing as it settles.

Smell: Wow. Very fruity and inviting. Candy caramel, cherry licorice, fig, apple, strawberry, a little banana, plum, and a darker fruit, perhaps raspberry. The aroma is sweet and a sticky. It is also bready, and an added scent of raisin makes it smells a little like raisin bread. There is also a hint of booze.

Taste: The mouthfeel is bready and thick, and the flavor is fruity and sweet. There is a touch of yeast spice, too. The alcohol is much more noticeable, too, but it does not distract from the other flavors of candy caramel, apple, raspberry, cherry, fig, plum, and raisin.

Comparison to previous tasting: Fuck this! I did not age this bottle so there is no point comparing tastings.

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