Beer of the Weekend #625: Iron Man Imperial Stout

Today I stocked up at John’s. I basically grabbed single bottles indiscriminately off the shelf to fill a custom sixer — one of a few I will need to fill for December.

It is going to be one tasty month.

The beer tonight is the first I have tried from a Sunflower State brewery that entered Iowa a few weeks ago: Iron Man Imperial Stout, brewed by the Free State Brewing Company of Lawrence, Kansas.

Serving type: 12-ounce bottle. The two “BEST BY” notches on the side of the back label are at “9” and “WEEK 4.” Does that mean the fourth week of September? Hopefully September 2015.

Appearance: Iron Man Imperial Stout pours a non-opaque black into a snifter; light passes through when held to a lamp. Two fingers of thick, light tan head dissipates slowly, leaving lacing stuck to the glass.

Smell: Alcohol is prominent, but it is also very malty. Roasted malt, cocoa, caramel, molasses, and black raspberry. Despite the roastiness, it is also sweet. The blend of cocoa and the other aromas reminds me a little of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Taste: The flavor is a pleasing blend that mostly mirrors the smell. Alcohol is a prominent character in each sip, but it does not overpower flavors of roasted malt, caramel, chocolate, a little bit of peanut butter, a touch of molasses, brown sugar, plum, and black raspberry. As the beer continues to warm, the lines between each flavor blurs and it becomes a pleasant fusion worthy of careful sipping.

Drinkability: Nice and tasty, and boozy. This is a solid imperial stout, and would probably benefit from a year of aging.

Fun facts about Iron Man:

-Style: Imperial stout.

-Price: $3.49/bottle at John’s Grocery in Iowa City.

-Alcohol content: I’m not sure. It is not listed on the label or on the beer’s webpage.

-IBU: 50.

The Quiet Man’s grade: B+.

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