The Gems of Sharpless: October 8, 2014

-A 1999 Ford Explorer with just 10,000 miles! My dad drives a well-used ‘98 Explorer so we gave this beast a thorough look. Compared to his ’98, this ‘99 literally looked brand new. The locks worked and I am sure the radio did, too.

-A little moped. Written on the warning label was, “Not for Iowa football or men’s basketball players.” I’m kidding, but it should say that.

-A massive telescope.

-A decent little collection of albums: Ratt’s Out of the Cellar, Billy Squire’s Signs of Life, and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Street Survivors, the album released three days before the band’s charter plane crashed (note that it is the revised cover).

-A tea pot bonanza.

-An album of 1940s-era pictures. I think old photo albums are the saddest items at Sharpless. Cherished memories that nobody else wants.

-Old copies of the DMR and P-C.

-Reveal the lawyer’s killer by completing the jigsaw puzzle. It would not surprise me if nobody cared to finish it.

-A tiny bottle of some kind of Japanese liquor. To be honest, I was more interested in the Wisconsin alcohol control sticker at the top.

-I am not sure why I took a picture of both posters, but I was more interested in the Liquid Tide Trans-Am Tour poster.

-A little PlayStation-shaped game.

-A booklet of CD-ROM discs that would have accompanied a brand new Gateway 2000 computer. Back in the day, Gateways were supposedly the Cadillacs of computers. Now? I am not sure the company exists or is still making computers.

-Oh, thank God! Somebody kept a box of empty, limited edition cool Pepsi cans from 1992 (or whenever the hell it was, sometime before all cans featured a wide-mouth opening).

-Sharpless as a school district surplus supply store.

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