The Gems of Sharpless: October 22, 2014

I saved yesterday’s gems for today. Just because. (I really did not want to take the time to post them yesterday.)

-A ton of military-themed photos.

-A bounty of cameras.

-This was interesting. Written in the golden ribbon is, “This Child has been awarded Honorable Mention 1949, 15th Children’s National Photography Contest.”

-A box full of automotive promotional material.

-More George W. Bush “American Hero” dolls than anyone would want to shake a stick at.

-Cubs official media guides from seasons of yore.

-Whoa. Schlitz Ice? Schlitz Ice Light? Wonders never cease.

-Bins full of phones.

-Glasses featuring historical DMR front pages. “Hank, I want to drink out of the one with Oswald getting shot.”

-Whoa. Old school concession cups that were given out at Iowa sporting events in the late-eighties or early-nineties. My parents still have cups like these, only they are very worn. In comparison, these look brand new.

-A Laugh-In lunch box.

-It’s The Spiral notebook. The font made me think of This is Spinal Tap.

-Oh, yeah! New Kids on the Block trading cards!

-This is not the best picture in the world, but it’s Hip Flip, “Parker Brother’s swinging game for swinging people.”

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