The Gems of Sharpless: October 1, 2014

There was a lot of good stuff at Sharpless today. All of it, though, was stuff I have no interest in paying money for. Well, maybe one or two things, but somebody else can have the rest.

-These chairs are straight outta the nursing home. They were damn comfortable, too.

-A miniature pinball machine.

-A Happy Days puzzle. Featuring the Fonz! (That was the selling point, no doubt. Who the hell wants a Happy Days puzzle without the Fonz? Not me!)

-Framed — framed! — promotional photos from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (I didn’t realize that guy from Bones was in Buffy.) Just to the right was a framed photo of Shirley Temple’s sixth birthday party.

-The official peanut bowl of Carter Country! Now this is something I would buy. Not for anything more than $5, but I would buy it.

-I took a photo of this because I have no clue what is going on on the box cover. Why is that woman apparently topless and what does it have to do with mirrors? Also, her hand reminded me of the alien in the Alien franchise.

-The Duke as a clock.

-An interesting little figurine.

-Better gear up for ’87!

-This had to be one of the creepiest paintings I have ever seen at Sharpless. Someone had this in their house. Creepy!

-More creepy paintings. The eyes convey the desperate sadness of a tortured soul to me. Yeah. Exactly what you want hanging in your living room.

-This had to be one of the best beer glass collections I have seen at Sharpless. There were some choice glasses.

-Play guitar, damn it! I have no clue why it is spelled “dammit”.

-Whoa! A 1980–81 Iowa men’s basketball team photo, plus a photo of “The Barn,” the old Iowa Field House. I wish I could have gone to a game there.

-At the bottom of a small metal trash can filled with old (and full) beer bottles, I found a six-pack of unopened Amana brand beer. How old? Probably from the seventies. (Speaking of Jimmy Carter and unopened beer cans from the seventies, I stumbled onto this video of a man drinking a can of Billy Beer. To my surprise, there are tons of videos on YouTube of people drinking old beer and soda. Oh, the privileges we enjoy… Après nous, le Déluge.)

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