Fall Shots 2014, #2

Yesterday I was wondering: perhaps it is better to soak in the wonders of autumn and write about them instead of taking pictures.

Though pictures are proverbially worth a thousand words, they take all the fun out of capturing the season through description. Pictures can evoke emotions, but my Nikon does not always (if ever) capture the emotion I feel as I walk under the dry, colorful autumn leaves rustling in the breeze overhead, or along sidewalks covered with fallen ash leaves that crunch underfoot. It cannot capture my spiritual, awestruck wonder when I admire a beautiful autumn sunset, when harvest dust gives the western horizon a gritty glow and the clouds are colored pink, orange, red, and purple. Photos can only capture the scenes that arouse those emotions, not the transcendental bond I feel with fall. I think I can only do that with writing.

Nonetheless, it is fun to take pictures. I have not taken too many recently, but I have snapped a few on walks this week.

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