The Gems of Sharpless: July 9, 2014

-It’s a kid Caddy!

-An Oscar Mayer wagon.

-Not as comfortable and not as ugly as some I have seen, but still quite comfy and dated.

-A jar filled with leaves. They almost look like tomato plant leaves.

-This looked like a very old picture. The box it is sitting on contained glass photography plates for, I assume, a very old camera.

-Pardon the whitewash, but take note of the phone number on this ashtray: 56. This is no doubt from back in the day with local operators.

-This was an odd little item, and I assume this is the only part that has survived. The text on the left reads, “In this little Cub’s toes Put soiled Hankies and Hose.” I am very curious to know what the bottom looked like.

-Clever paperweight.

-The Iowa state brochure from 1961.

-The Iowa State Fair program from 1967.

-Unused Nixon–Agnew bumper stickers from 1972.

-A Sega Genesis in its original box.

-A box full o’ empty pop bottles. Note the Pepsi Free bottles. Whenever I see Pepsi Free bottles I think of what the café owner says when Marty McFly orders a Pepsi Free in Back to the Future: “If you want a Pepsi, pal, you’re gonna pay for it!”

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