The Gems of Sharpless: July 30, 2014

I have been busy, busy, busy this week so blogging has been quite slow. However, I was able to make the usual trip to Sharpless today.

-A gaming chair. Do they make these anymore? I remember them being big in the nineties. This is obviously a later model because it has armrests. That’s cheating.

-Great quote, though I am very curious why it is attributed to “J. Hayden Fry.” According to Wikipedia, his full name is Hayden John Fry. Perhaps the skirting of licensing issues was involved.

-Not the most cheerful subject for a souvenir plate, but whatever.

-These coasters, I believe, show Edinburgh.

-The green bowl and ashtray (?) are, I believe, more examples of Depression glass.

-An old school thermos like the kind I had in elementary school. My mom would fill it with Chef Boyardee ravioli for my lunch. Oh, so good.

-A Humpty Dumpty cookie jar. The lid was heavy as hell.

-A nice collection of Hull ceramic vases. Much like Depression glass, Hull ceramic pottery has become very collectible.

-Owner’s manuals for early-eighties Datsun pickups. You know, pickups — what I would consider small, utilitarian trucks — are becoming more and more rare. As far as I know, no car manufacturer sells pickups in the US market. There only seem to be massive luxury SUVs with truck beds.

-Canadian coin collecting booklets. Unfortunately, no coins were included.

-A Dog n Suds mug. According to Wikipedia, Dog n Suds is a chain of drive-in eateries. As of November 2011, 17 Dog n Suds remain open.

-Successful Farming magazine. You know, I have always been a bigger fan of Unsuccessful Farming magazine (yuk, yuk, yuk).

-A collection of old Iowa license plates. I thought the mobile home plate was interesting, as well as what I think is a “special truck” plate at the top. The lettering and boarder are yellow, which I had never seen before. (Eighty-two, by the way, is the old county code for Scott County.)

-Old road maps. The California road map was from 1966. I checked it out and saw the 5 was still under construction through the Central Valley and the 405 ended somewhere south of Costa Mesa.

-An LA ’84 souvenir plate. Also, check out the “dam” mug. Printed on the opposite side was only an “M”.

-A “DO NOT ENTER” pillow. Hmm…

-An interesting contrast. In a way it reminds me of the front and back covers of Led Zeppelin IV. (Damn! I really need to listen to more Led Zeppelin.)

-A Maß. Though it is hard to see in the picture, printed on the glass is, “Stolen from Mabel’s Whorehouse. Where the customer comes first.”

-I have no clue what this was. (Update, 7/31/14: Zee German informed me that it is a pedal for a bass drum.)

-The “Anti-Monopoly” board game.

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