The Gems of Sharpless: July 16, 2014

Sharpless was a tad disappointing today, but there were still a few choice gems.

-Both of these chairs were oh so comfortable, and neither were very ugly.

-A classic porch couch.

-A collection of souvenir tea cups and plates. Useless and tasteless, in my opinion.

-In the valuables case was this collection of old game programs. The one with the fingertip-spinning basketball is from the Iowa men’s 1981–82 season.

-A Missouri Tiger’s glass from 1977. I found it very amusing that “here” followed the name of each home game opponent.

-A plastic mug from the Rain and Hail Insurance Services.

-M*A*S*H beer.

-These were an odd find: 1987 Harley brand “heavy beer” and “heavy beer” from the 1991 Black Hills rally. All of the cans were unopened. I am very curious to know what this “heavy beer” tasted like — though there is no way I would ever open one of these cans for a vintage sampling. Nasty!

-Issues of Radio-Electronics magazine from 1963 (right) and 1964 (left). The guy on the right cover looks both stoned and very serious.

-More vintage beer! This can was from Gladbrook’s centennial celebration in 1980. The top was unopened but two holes were punched in the bottom, which means someone shotgunned this beer.

-A set of Los Angeles Rams glasses. Ones does not see too much LA Rams stuff around, at least here.

-Just what I have always wanted! A ton of peppermint Tic Tacs!

-This was an interesting picture that caught my eye.

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