The Gems of Sharpless: July 2, 2014

There was tons of good stuff at Sharpless today, including these gems.

-Comfortable and not ugly.

-An Iowa men’s basketball game program from the 1979–80 season. It was, I believe, the exhibition game that season. I cannot find an official score online.

-Heineken clogs.

-An Iowa sesquicentennial license plate from the nineties.

-It is what it is.

-A glass peanut butter jar. Note the “BUY BEFORE” date of “JAN 19 ’77.” If Skippy could do it in the seventies, there is no excuse why Anchor Brewing cannot do it now!

-An A-B commemorative plate. Oh boy! I just cannot understand the appeal of collecting plates.

-More mini kegs. I believe the Henninger keg was taken from the dispenser I saw last week. Apparently, many bidders who have won items leave behind accessories they do not want. (To be honest, I am not really sure how items are bid on at auction. I have heard that Sharpless auctions items by table, which means everything on a given table is auctioned at once. There is way too much stuff to auction one at a time. I will need to stick around to find out how things really work.)

-Somebody loved the Chevy Monte Carlo, a car I abhor. Let’s just say I have no respect for anyone who drives a Monte Carlo.

-An ancient copier. The lid itself weighed a ton! I will say, though, it is pretty small.

-This little box contained some gems: photos and programs for the USFL’s Chicago Blitz.

-Included in the Chicago Blitz program was this ad for a long-forgotten sports drink: Sqwincher. It caught on as much as the USFL did.

-I’m not really sure what to say about this electronic picture. The flares being dropped by the fighter light up.

-This was an interesting box. An MP3 player, a Sega Genesis, and what looked like Atari game cartridges.

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