Beer of the Weekend #401: Krušovice Cerne

The Iowa men’s basketball season tips off tonight at 8:00 p.m. so I want to get this week’s tasting out of the way early.

The beer of the weekend is a delicious little something I drank at the Regina Fall Fun Festival way back on Labor Day weekend: Krušovice Cerne, brewed by the Královský Pivovar Krušovice of Krušovice, Czech Republic.

At least it was delicious on tap. They were serving it from the John’s Grocery van that can be fitted with tap handles on the side. What a nifty feature.

Serving type: 500 ml bottle. The “BORN ON DATE” is “23.03.2012.”

Appearance: Poured into a flute. The color is medium brown with dark ruby tones. Two fingers of light tan head dissipated quickly to leave a layer of buttery lacing.

Smell: Dark and toasted malts, caramel, molasses, grassy hops (it has that fresh cut hay smell), apple, plum, fig, and prune. Very crisp and nutty. It is also on the sweet side.

Taste: It is almost reminiscent of canned nitro stout. It mostly mirrors the aroma but the smells are much more pronounced. Dark and toasted malts, grassy hops, nutmeg, cocoa, caramel, and dark fruit. Leaves a nice bitterness lingering in the mouth for a second or two after each sip.

Drinkability: It is a million times better on tap (surprise, surprise). Out of the bottle, though, it is what I would expect from a Czech schwarzbier.

Fun facts about Krušovice Cerne:

-Style: BA classifies it as “Schwarzbier.” From the tap it was more like a stout. It was thick and creamy and oh so good. I drank about three pints while watching the bags tournament.

-Price: Amazingly, I forgot to nab the receipt when I bought it. Screw it!

-Serving temperature: 45-50ºF.

-Alcohol content: 3.8 percent ABV.

The Quiet Man’s grade: C+.

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