The Gems of Sharpless: August 6, 2014

As we were leaving Sharpless today, my dad said to me, “It’s getting to be mostly junk.” I would dispute that, but there are weeks that are pretty junky. Like this week.

-A miniature fire engine, complete with a short hose.

-A cattle warning sign. I cannot say I have seen many of them in Iowa.

-A be-stickered desk. I do not like the Cowboys, but I like the State Fair ’83 sticker.

-Comfortable, and not ugly. This chair was so comfortable, in fact, I almost fell asleep in it.

-Bar mirrors. Someday I should get a bar mirror just to have it. Between the two of these, I think I lean toward the Molson Golden mirror. The Meister Bräu mirror is tempting, though.

-Some old school board games. I can just imagine the fun kids had playing Donkey Party. Oh boy!

-A Smith-Corona typewriter that looked like it was in good shape. I have always wanted to get a sixties or seventies era typewriter, but I am not sure if I would be able to find ribbon for it.

-Whoa! TV trays from the eighties.

-A miniature Ford Pinto. I made sure not to touch the rear end.

-Koi enthusiasm. Who knew?

-Holy cow! Did The Fox upgrade to digital?

-The old school Garfield, back when he was truly fat. I do not think Garfield looks that fat anymore. (You know, Garfield is not a good comic strip. In fact, it is downright pathetic. Was it always that way? I’ll need to flip through my old Garfield booklets.)

-A Foxhead beer glass.

-A rubber, Michael Jordan MVP Wilson basketball. I have a soft spot in my heart for cheap, rubber basketballs.

-A whole lot o’ eight-tracks.

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