'So this is comedy heaven': Robin Williams, 1951–2014

In tribute to Robin Williams, I thought I would share this outstanding HBO special, recorded in 1978 at the Roxy in West Hollywood.

It has always made me laugh. Plus, it’s a slice of the late-seventies and I am a sucker for all things from the late-seventies. (I love the “On Location” opening montage.) Comedy Central showed it often when I was a kid but I had not seen it in years until stumbling onto it earlier today. This is the full, uncensored version, and includes an improv session with John Ritter, which was not included in the cable version. (Needless to say, there was also a lot of bleeped words.)

This video likely comes from someone’s personal collection of recordings. There is a little overlap at the beginning and the last fifteen minutes or so include a number of station idents, a fraction of an ABC special program, and the beginning of a Barry Manilow concert. Ah, the days of home recording on VHS. I miss those days.

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