College football is back, baby!

Though Abilene Christian and Georgia State played last night to technically kickoff the FBS season, and Sam Houston State and Eastern Washington played last Saturday to open the FCS season, tonight is the traditional Thursday night kickoff to start the Labor Day weekend.

Ah, live football. It’s a beautiful thang. Minnesota did not look impressive in the first half, but the Gophers seem to be gaining confidence. (No, I am not watching the Texas A&M–South Carolina game. I just do not feel like opening the season with the Gamecocks again. Plus, they are getting spanked — which is not the best way to start the year ranked #9.) Later on I will watch Rutgers represent the Big Ten for the first time in their game against Washington State. (Eew! I just realized that is a neutral site game in Seattle. I hate neutral site games!)

I am going to be honest with you, though: my excitement is very subdued this year, almost nonexistent. In the past I could not wait for college football’s kickoff. One year, when I was in California, I left work early. But this time around I am mostly unmoved and nonchalant. I am not sure why. Perhaps it is because I have too much other stuff on my mind and agenda. Or because I took a much greater interest in baseball this season, meaning there was no long, hard sporting lull after the men’s basketball national championship in April. The World Cup also helped a lot, too.

Regardless of the reason, it’s back to football!

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