The Gems of Sharpless: August 27, 2014

There were a lot of small, interesting knickknacks at Sharpless today. I did my best to weed out the gems.

-This was the first time I think I have ever seen a boat motor at Sharpless. There have been boats (probably with motors) but no single motors.

-Double the comfort and ugliness! These chairs would be perfect for a Double Mint commercial. I saw them last week, which means nobody wanted them…yet.

-It’s a working stable — in miniature.

-An old school Fisher-Price ambulance. My guess is that it dates from the early-seventies.

-A massive drinking glass collection. Among them was this Old Style glass:

Got style? Not if you’re drinking Old Style.

-A framed NYT front page regarding the Warren Commission report. I am not exactly sure why anyone would frame it.

-This was an interesting piece of art: the outline of buildings against cutouts from the DMR.

-A couple weeks ago I mentioned Econofoods boxes. Well, here they are!

-A portable TV, sans handle and antenna.

-Whoa. Three Teddy Ruxpins. I had not seen a Teddy Ruxpin in forever. The Teddy at the top of the picture was larger and missing his snout and mouth, which was a little sad.

-I like the word play here.

-This is a wide-angle shot of a couple notable items: Babylon 5 figurines, Bryan Adams’ Into the Fire album, a Trix alarm clock, and a SuperDisk drive.

-I have no clue exactly how Fire Cracker worked (I should have looked in the box) but I thought the picture of the two kids and the promotional text was amusing. “Enjoy over & over, not just once.” I would hope. Plus, the boy’s sweater is out of this world awful. Holy cow!

-I assume that somebody, somewhere, has pretty strong legs and thighs.

-A very big slicer. I wondered if it was for potatoes, but my dad thought it could be used for cabbage. Sauerkraut, anyone?

-A TV camera with a couple tripods.

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