The Gems of Sharpless: March 26, 2014

Gems is back (again) after a short hiatus. Winter is, apparently, a slow season for auctions and the quality of stuff available. Things should pick up with spring gradually arriving.

-There were many large paintings available today. My dad wondered if they were from a hotel that had been redecorated.

-Interesting sticker affixed to a white dresser.

-Though this is not my cup of tea, I thought this kitchen tool holder was pretty cool.

-Classic. I love that old school basketball logo.

-I like the look of old books, but I do not want them wasting space in my house.

-I have absolutely no clue what these are supposed to depict. The one on the left is, I think, a flower. But the right one… I suppose it could be a flower, too, but I think it is missing a little contextual detail in the center. It looks like a pink blob.

-Speaking of detail, this is probably one of the most detailed and best designed ashtrays I have ever seen.

-I took a picture of this because I wondered what the man by the window was thinking. The lights are out (presumably), the storm is raging nearby, and his children are scared. It is a very outdated and sexist depiction — the woman is comforting the children while the man is to the side — but I still wondered what he was thinking. (Yeah — way too deep for a camping lantern box.)

-Comfortable, but ugly. The picture does not do the puke green justice.

-No doubt a state souvenir from the fifties or early-sixties.

-You know, I actually like the painting on the left. The middle one is okay, but the one on the right is… Interesting. Just interesting. To be frank, it made me smile. I thought to myself, “Man. This was hanging in someone’s house.”

-There actually is a tree somewhere along First Avenue in Iowa City (I think) that features the Forest Face eyes, nose, and mouth. I never realized one could buy a hat, too. I would prefer that trees not be tattooed with fake faces and allegiances, though. It sucks for the tree.

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