Bracketology 2014: post-Third Round

A Charlotte Observer columnist wrote a pretty clever piece about NCAA Tournament clichés and lingo recently and I thought I would post its link. I especially like this paragraph:

“Big dance” is a metaphor that Lingo tires of easily. Lingo has never been invited to a big dance but Lingo knows it wouldn’t look like a basketball tournament. It would have more women and fewer elbows. Lingo likes precision in language.

Thank God for second guessing the Shockers. Yes, in my heart I wanted them to go all the way and prove the haters wrong. But my head had doubts. In the end, I listened to the doubts and stopped them in the Sweet 16 — a decision that has kept my Final Four intact. Kentucky looks dangerous but I am hoping Louisville will beat their in-state rivals.

Oh, Creighton. Dougie McBuckets lost to a team I picked to get bounced in the Second Round. But that’s cool. Much like Wichita State, I only picked the Bluejays to advance to the Sweet 16.

Kansas fell in the Third Round — again! (The state of Kansas was probably the most dispirited place in the country yesterday.) That is why I do not pick the Jayhawks to go deep — because they won’t. In his latest bracket update, Bobblehead bemoaned buying into “the whole ‘Rock, chalk, Jayhawk’ mystique” year after year and getting bitten in the ass every time. I feel for him because I did the same many times.

Currently, seven of my Elite Eight teams are still alive. If they all advance, I could do some serious damage in the pool. (At least I think. I will need to have my dad check where I stand.) But I wonder… Can San Diego State get past Arizona? Will Baylor rip through Wisconsin as they did Creighton? (I did not watch a second of that game so I have no clue how the Bears dominated so thoroughly.) Can Michigan State knock off Virginia? We will see.

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