Bracketology 2014: post-Day 2

Today I experienced more bad luck with air travel, but I’ll get into that later. All that really matters is I am back in IC watching the tourney.

I forgot to mention that I saw Roy Williams, the head coach of the North Carolina men’s basketball team, while in San Antonio. We passed each other on the River Walk Wednesday evening. Instead of Carolina Blue, he was wearing a pinkish-colored sweater.

Well, my second day swoon could have been worse. I dropped five games, which means I was 25–7 in the Second Round. Not too shabby. However, the Third Round and beyond is when the pool contenders really rack up points. Can my bracket keep pace? My Ohio State pick really hurts, but I am pretty sure that part of everyone’s bracket is a mess now that Syracuse just fell to Dayton. (Haw haw! I love it when Syracuse exits early.)

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