Bracketology 2014: my busted bracket

My bracket is officially BUSTED! UConn’s improbable run to the Final Four has put my 2014 bracket to bed. I got two Final Four teams correct — Florida and Wisconsin — but they are the two teams I did not advance to the championship game.

With four teams left, who do I think will win it all? We could see an all-SEC championship game. If that is the case, I think Florida will take it. It would have been incredible to land three Big Ten team in the Final Four, but alas… I’ll take one. Wisconsin is a good representative and I hope they make the conference proud. (As much as it would have been nice to have Ben Brust play at Iowa, I do not think he made a bad decision to decommit when Lickliter was fired and choose Wisconsin. I am pretty sure he has no regrets, either.)

I’ll admit it: this year’s edition of bracketology was fun — exactly what I want. It was especially enjoyable since I picked so well. Though that can come with stress, I took the losses in stride.

Looking ahead, though, I now need to figure out what the hell I am going to post about. I have been using these college basketball posts as a crutch for months. I guess I need to start writing now.

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