Bracketology 2014: post-Day 1

So far, so good. Yesterday I was 14–2, but the regrets began in earnest. Why did I pick against UConn? I have no clue. Also, why did I pick Ohio State to advance all the way to the Elite Eight when I knew damn well they were not an upper-echelon Big Ten team and not as talented as in years past? Because they’re a Big Ten team. Despite the parity across conferences now, I thought perhaps Big Ten teams had an advantage this year, especially given such tough conference play. I guess it was not the case this year.

A good first day for my bracket always seems to be followed by a second day swoon. I just peeked at the games that ended or are in progress today and it looks like the swoon may strike again. A lot can happen, so we’ll talk about that tomorrow.

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