It's true: the Alamo really is pretty small

For years, Bobblehead has been telling me that the Alamo is a very small building. It turns out he was right. (It’s not that I ever doubted him. He had seen it and I hadn’t.)

I am in San Antonio for the annual conference. I arrived very late last night; St. Patrick’s Day revelers were beginning to trickle out of the bars downtown when my shuttle took me to the airport. High winds in Denver delayed my flight from Cedar Rapids, and then my flight out of Denver was delayed for whatever reason. Typical shit when I fly. (Last night I learned that, under ideal conditions, DEN uses six runways. High winds, however, forces the airport to use only two.) Needless to say, the intention of enjoying a few St. Patrick’s Day brews during my layover backfired. Making things worse, I could not even enjoy a beer while in Denver. That was, I have to admit, the only reason I flew through Denver and not Dallas or Chicago.

At the Alamo, it was easy to see much of the country is on spring break; visitors were sporting favorite team shirts from all over the nation. I saw two people wearing black and gold Iowa shirts. I even said a friendly “Go Hawks!” to one of them, but he ignored me. There was even a whole family in Cyclone gear. By tomorrow, I expect there to be many more like them.

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