Hot off the Press: The charade continues edition

A DC area TV reporter and her children received threats after a series of stories she did about underage drinking:

City officials along the proposed-but-forever-delayed 710 extension corridor are pressuring Caltrans to sell homes it bought along the route, likely killing any surface extension:

"Porn industry may boogie out of L.A. over condom law":,0,1043837.story. Where will it go otherwise? Probably Las Vegas, where morals are abandoned at the city limits.

A congressman in Indiana is the butt of jokes in Indianapolis after he decided, after conducting a little Internet research, that the Girl Scouts "is a radical organization that promotes abortions and homosexuality" and is a "'tactical arm' of Planned Parenthood":

The CRG's Marc Morehouse runs down college football's new and very noticeable rules: Pretty soon football will ban itself.


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