The Gems of Sharpless: September 3, 2014

Today was a busy, busy, busy day. But I was able to swing over to Sharpless to search for a gems.

-This caught my eye. It is akin to a metal beer ad — but it’s for apple juice. I do not think I have ever seen apple juice sold in a bottle like that.

-Oh so comfortable.

-I bet these puppies can pump some amps.

-Imaginative Corona bottle glasses. I dug the old school carrying case, too.

-A Miller slide rule from the seventies. This is probably very rare, though I am not sure what kind of demand there is for an item like this. There would definitely be interest among those into breweriana.

-The 1958 Iowa State Bomb.

-Schlitz pilsner flutes.

-These bottles were old. How old? I have no clue. There was no date on the champagne bottle. The vermouth bottle, though, was collecting flies. Dark chunks had collected on the bottom. Nasty.

-Sheets of Air Mail writing paper, complete with envelopes featuring the red and blue striped boarder.

-Hmm… One does not see too many Mississippi State, NC State, and Texas A&M gear around these parts.

-A tableful of books. Those that I checked featured a Regina library marking.

-Oh, man. Whenever I see a pile of clothes like this I get flashbacks to when I worked at Goodwill.

-A bunch o’ booths.

-I was drawn to this Ford Tempo. It screams 1995 to me because our babysitter that summer drove something very similar.

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