The Gems of Sharpless: September 10, 2014

-Fresh vegetables. One does not see that very often at Sharpless.


-You know, I have no clue what these are. My best guess is they are coffee tables.

-Comfortable and not ugly. I sank so low in the cushion that I thought I was going to fall into a different dimension.

-An Alf doll.

-A whole bunch of official Kentucky Derby glasses, dating back to at least the early-eighties.

-The child on the front of this box looks a little freaky.

-An old school rotary telephone with the home number at the center (I blurred it out). On the underside was the purchase date, 12/1/83, from Northwestern Bell. Though it is no longer clear in this version of the picture (the resolution deteriorated when I saved it for the web), the silver sticker reads, “Property of Northwestern Bell. NOT FOR SALE.” Printed on the white sticker is, “Bell System Property.”

-A Schmidt’s beer figurine.

-Ronald McDonald and Burger King stuffed dolls.

-A cannon bottle holder.

-Whoa! The seven-ounce Budweiser bottle was interesting, but the Red Dog bottle caught my eye. I am not sure if Red Dog is brewed anymore (the BEST BY date on the bottle was sometime in March 2002), but it seemed to be a big hit back in the nineties. The television commercials, though not epic or memorable, stamped the beer’s name in my mind.

-Somebody was into bridge. Big time.

-Wait. The New Monkyees?

-Elementary school chairs.

-Coralville’s old animal control box.

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