The Gems of Sharpless: September 24, 2014

Another Wednesday, another set of gems from Sharpless. (To be honest with you, I am getting a little tried of this weekly routine. I need to switch things up!)

-A nice collection of old pedal tractors.

-Old school radios that looked like they were in really good shape.

-More Depression-era glass? I’m not sure. I generally know what Depression glass looks like, but I am not sure how to verify its authenticity.

-More empty cigar boxes. Every week I see empty cigar boxes at Sharpless. Can someone please explain why folks keep cigar boxes? It seems to be akin to collecting beer bottles.

-This was an odd item: a metal egg shipping container. The note inside reads, “A Xmas present from your dad.” The lid featured a window for the mailing address, and it still had someone’s California mailing address inside.

-An assortment of what I assume are all Star Wars action figures and vehicles, including the badass speeder from Return of the Jedi.

-This was a sad item: an unused baby book inside its original box. The baby on the cover looks like an old man to me.

-A very old extension cord, probably from the 1930s or 1940s.

-An odd picture. The copyright date on the left side is 1906 and the text at the bottom reads, “Cupid at best.”

-When I saw this I thought, “What the hell is that?” I assumed it was a self-made Busch ad, but I have no clue what the furry thing is at the center. A patch of what?

-I found this amusing: a blown up picture of the John Deere dealer by the Coral Ridge Mall, apparently from 1999. The photographer, though partly hidden by the shadow of a tree, is visible on the bottom left.

-From the side this looked like a wooden statue of a bear with two heads.

-I am sure I would have loved this when I was a kid — for ten minutes. Now that I am older, I can see why my parents baulked at buying stuff like this: it’s total junk!

-A very little, portable TV.

-I thought this turntable was kind of sad. It has nothing to do with the turntable, though. That record was likely the last record the previous owner listened to before they died. Plus, whoever offered this for auction did not even care enough to return the record to its album.

-An odd little motorcycle that only a four-year old could ride.

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