Friday Night Lights 2014: Week 4

It was a beautiful late-summer evening and night, perfect for watching high school football.

My dad and I headed to Lone Tree tonight. The Lions were playing the Cardinal High Comets from Eldon. Eldon is famous for being the home of the American Gothic house.

Anyway, I did not take any notes tonight. It was not a very good game. We arrived a couple minutes after the game began and Lone Tree scored a touchdown as we were walking in. For much of the first half, it was one of those “three yards and a cloud of dust” games. There was not much movement by either offense, but I could sense that Lone Tree was on the verge of busting the game open. Which is what the Lions did toward the end of the second quarter, scoring 20 points to push the score to 27–0 at halftime.

My dad and I took advantage of the break to chat with his former co-worker, who was on the sideline helping to take stats, and to switch the side of the field we were standing on. In the past we have stood along the trackside fence on the north side of the home stands. This time we stood on the south side of the home stand and could not see shit because the players were always in the way. So we moved to the other side of the field, which provided a much better view. I took my camera tonight and shot a couple pictures.

Despite the floodlights, the lighting was not the best so I turned off the flash once again and steadied the camera on the top of the fence as best as I could. I did not care whether the players turned up blurry because of their motion; in fact, I love the effect. I especially like the pic of the Cardinal extra point. The trail of the ball tumbling through the air is visible. Needless to say, my camera is not ideal for night games.

We left at the end of the third quarter with Lone Tree up, 34–7.

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