The Gems of Sharpless: January 15, 2014

Gems is back! Though the winter season seems to be pretty slow out at Sharpless, and there is a lot less stuff, there are always gems!

-Bags of grapefruit. This is the first time I have ever seen fruit at Sharpless.

-Both were comfortable, but a tad ugly.

-A Fonzie coloring book. Whoa. Who knew such things existed?

-Cowboy and Indian figurines in a Cool Whip container.

-A stamp dispenser, which was presumably last used when stamps cost 25 cents (April 3, 1988 to February 2, 1991, according to Wikipedia).

-A hybrid lunch box and portable radio.

-Does anybody else remember this game? I am pretty sure my sister and I owned it.

-Board games get no respect anymore.

-An old school portable TV/radio/cassette player.

-A bag o’ plungers.

-Yep. Somebody, somewhere, had this hanging in their home. It is definitely not the most cheerful painting in the world, that’s for sure. To be honest, it really offended me. A painting of the actual attack? It is tasteless.

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