My resolutions for 2017: The halfway assessment

We are six months into 2017 and I want to do something I have been meaning to do the last couple years: assess the progress I’ve made on my New Year’s resolutions halfway through the year.

It won’t be pretty.

1. Drop below 180 pounds.
I’m getting there. On January 6—the first time I weighed myself in 2017—I tipped the scale at 201.2 pounds. On Friday I weighed 194.4. Most of the progress has been made in the last month, though. My goal is to reach 180 in August so I can apply for a passport; I want to have it in case I need to go to Toronto in October. I now wear a rubber band around my right wrist to constantly remind me of that goal—and the professional importance of reaching it.

2. Become stronger.
I am doing this, too. I still have not joined a gym, though it is something I should probably do. Having access to a leg press would be awesome.

3. Get a passport.
I have to do this in 2017 no matter what, so it will happen eventually.

4. Visit a state I have yet to visit.
This is going to happen at some point, perhaps later this month as part of a possible semi-staycation. (I have you in my sights, South Dakota!) A trip along U.S. Highway 20 all the way to Boston is among the things I want to do this year, preferably in September when fewer people are traveling and B&Bs lower their rates. If I make that trip, I will try to visit each state in the Northeast.

5. Make a career move.
It has not happened yet, but I am slowly (and hopefully surely) thinking about my options.

6. Watch more sunsets.
I have not watched a single sunset in 2017. I need to start doing that.

7. Road trip.
If I take one, it will be in September.

8. Continue running and maybe run a 10k race.
I have restarted the 13-week run-walk program with the goal of running nonstop for 60 minutes. If all goes well, I should be able to join the Run for the Schools in October.

9. Read and write more.
Though I have written more the last couple weeks, I still have not done much more writing or reading overall. However, I plan to start working on a few freelance stories this month. I also have that novel to write and a number of essays to revise.

10. Say “no.”
I did do this once so far. I can’t remember when it was or what it was for, but it did happen. I have not gotten too many opportunities to say it, but I need to say it when the time comes and it’s necessary.

11. Do less and enjoy it more.
I definitely have not done less and enjoyed it more. I’m continuing to do more and enjoy it less.

12. Continue learning German.
I have continued my German education. However, I need to supplement what I am learning on Duolingo with something else. Duolingo is great for learning vocabulary, but horrible at explaining grammar and construction—especially for a poor rube like myself who was never taught grammar in his native language.

13. Stand up.
I do not think I have gotten a chance to “stand up” yet. At some point, I am sure, someone will tease me about something for the millionth time—and I will make sure it will be the last time they dare to do it.

14. Purge.
I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff, especially books. The guitar my mom gave me is still in my closet, though. It will be gone by the end of the year, I hope. Perhaps I can donate it to a school or church.

There are some big-ticket items that I need to get rid of, namely my dead iMac. Before taking it to the hazardous/electronic waste station in IC, I want to take a family picture of all my Apple products.

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