Beer of the Weekend #841: Enamored Amber

Whoa—I’m having such a bitchin’ disco time on my vacation that I forgot to write about the most recent beer of the weekend: Enamored Amber, brewed by Barn Town Brewing of West Des Moines, Iowa.

Though a little hazy, the color is generally clear. It looks like a deep-colored rosé. A half finger of beige-colored head leaves a skim and ring around the edge. The aroma is chocolaty and toasty. The toasted malt is most prominent but is perfectly complemented by cocoa. Ooooo—it smells good! The flavor is completely different and not what I was expecting from the aroma: it is sweet and fruity with flavors of candy caramel, cherry licorice, and strawberry. Toasted malt and cocoa come into play after the beer has warmed but the sweetness remains.

Fun facts about Enamored Amber:

• Style: Amber ale.

• Price: $14.84 for a 64-ounce growler fill at the Barn Town Brewery in West Des Moines. The bartender did a double-take when he looked at the receipt and even had a waitress double-check to make sure it was the right price. They eventually assumed it was on sale.

• Alcohol content: 5.4 percent ABV.

The Quiet Man’s grade: C+.

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