Good Tunes: School of Fish, '3 Strange Days'

Here’s another gem from the nineties that I rediscovered recently: “3 Strange Days” by School of Fish.

I don’t remember ever hearing it on the radio, though maybe KRNA played it; it seems more like something KRNA would have played. However, I somehow found it and included it on a nineties rock compilation I burned back in the Apartment 12 days. In fact, it was on the second disc of a two-disc series. Not that you really care, but I thought I would mention it. I even designed special covers for each jewel case. Bobblehead listened to them at some point because I remember him saying something like “Those nineties rock CDs are pretty good.” I probably patted myself on the back after that.

ANYWAY, “3 Strange Days” is a good tune. It has that early nineties, alternative/college rock vibe. (Maybe I heard it on KRUI.) According to Wikipedia, the song was released in 1991.

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