Beer of the Weekend #817: Tejas Lager

It’s Wednesday and I need a beer…or maybe a couple. Working with academics does that to a man.

My parents spent a couple weeks in the Lone Star State last month and brought back three different beers for me. First up in this mini Texas haul is Tejas Lager, brewed by the Big Bend Brewing Company of Alpine, Texas.

The color is lightly hazy, pale gold. A finger of beige head dissipates quickly and leaves spots of skim and a buttery ring around the edge. The aroma is sweet and malty, but other than a light zest there’s not much to it. The flavor is light and mostly mirrors the aroma; it is sweet and malty with a light zest. However, it also has a cherry-flavored NyQuil character, which is not off-putting. It is very reminiscent of a light beer I’ve tried, probably Bud Light or Busch Light. It is definitely a can beer, good for drinking on a hot summer day at a campground or beach.

Fun facts about Tejas Lager:

• Style: The beer is classified on BA as a Czech pilsner.

• Price: I don’t know but my parents bought it at the brewery in Alpine.

• Alcohol content: 4.6 percent ABV.

• Food pairings: The pairings mentioned on the beer’s webpage are “enchiladas & tamales, cookouts, going to the game, taking off boots, naps on the couch, birthday cake, cleaning carburetors, and anniversary flowers.” Anniversary flowers?

• IBU: 17.

• Color: 6 SRM.

• The ingredients listed on the beer’s webpage are “Malt, Hops, Water, Yeast, Awesomeness.”

• For posterity, I want to mention that I had a head cold over the weekend so my taste buds and smell receptors were on the fritz. Though I did drink a can of Tejas Lager on Friday or Saturday night, I did not trust my notes and wanted to drink the beer again when I was closer to 100 percent. I tried it again last night and plan to drink a couple just for the sake of it tonight.

• My parents, with my uncle in tow, stayed with a friend in Alpine for a few days. Alpine is in the southwest corner of Texas, where it is hot and dry — not what my parents like. My dad told me he would rather go back to Vietnam than return to Alpine.

The Quiet Man’s grade: C-.

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