Beer of the Weekend #818: The Giant

The beer of the weekend is a “surprise” that my parents brought from Texas for me: The Giant, brewed by the Fredericksburg Brewing Company of Fredericksburg, Texas.

The color is opaque black; no light passes through when held to a light. A finger of dense, bubbly, dark tan head leaves a skim and bubbly ring around the edge. The first whiff is deep, roasted, chocolaty, and enticing. Oooo! Along with scents of roasted malt and dark chocolate (similar to chocolate syrup) are notes of molasses and dark fruit. The mouthfeel is thick and velvety and the flavor is roasted and dark, much like the aroma. The roasted malt leaves a lasting bitterness on the taste buds. Along with the coffee-like roast and chocolate syrup are flavors of caramel, black licorice, molasses, and vanilla.

Fun facts about The Giant:

• Style: The beer is classified on BA as American double/imperial stout.

• Price: I don’t know but my parents bought a 64-ounce growler at the brewery in Fredericksburg, Texas.

• Alcohol content: 8 percent ABV.

• Except for some basic vitals on BA, there is not much information about the beer online. The brewery’s website looks like it has not been updated in 12 years. Seriously — the copyright date is still 2005. There isn’t even much info on the brewery’s Facebook page.

• One thing that is on the Facebook page, though, is a reference to The Giant with a chalkboard drawing of Andre the Giant. I assume that means the beer is named in honor of Andre the Giant.

• My parents say The Giant is a winter seasonal released every Valentine’s Day.

• As I mentioned above, my parents bought a growler of The Giant. It was filled on Valentine’s Day and I did not open it until last night — 17 days later. I was skeptical that the beer would keep that long. Thankfully, though, it still seems to be quite fresh.

The Quiet Man’s grade: B.

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