Good Tunes: Fluke, 'Atom Bomb'

Here’s another blast from the past that I rediscovered recently thanks to the wonder of Google and YouTube: “Atom Bomb” by Fluke.

I first heard “Atom Bomb” on The Grind probably in 1997. (Yeah — The Grind. What a show! Though the music was good — especially the last year when it shifted toward house and techno — I mostly watched because of the sexy ladies. Wow. The spring break specials featuring bikini-clad coeds were especially bonerific.) More than likely, I had not heard it since so I searched for it recently and — voila! — was able to reacquainted myself with it.

It’s a good tune. According to Wikipedia, it was originally recorded for a racing game called Wipeout 2097, which is featured in the official video. I also found this live version, which is pretty interesting. (Fluke’s “Setback” is also a pretty good song.)

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