Raging Slab, 'Don't Dog Me'

I am currently reading Chuck Klosterman’s Fargo Rock City, his “hilarious memoir of growing up as a shameless metalhead in Wyndmere, North Dakota (population: 498).” In the last chapter I read, Klosterman writes about metal music videos and mentions a number of long-forgotten clips — many of which I couldn’t resist finding on YouTube.

One video I had to watch was Raging Slab’s “Don’t Dog Me.” Klosterman writes:

Sometimes the director simply had the group perform in a weird place, like a church or an open field. The best location was for Raging Slab’s “Don’t Dog Me,” where the country-fried metalheads rocked out on a flatbed trailer, pulled by a monster truck (p. 86).

Wow. Not only is the video epic, the song isn’t bad. I kind of want to request it for Rock 108’s eighties metal hour, “Bad Hair Friday.”

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