Beer of the Weekend #792: El Gigante Rojo

I returned to Coralville and the ReUnion Brewery to have my growler filled. The beer this weekend is El Gigante Rojo.

The color is cloudy, deep amber. A finger of shiny, butter-tinted beige head leaves a skim and ring around the edge. The aroma is deliciously malty with scents of toasted malt, caramel, chocolate, and dark fruit reminiscent of cherry licorice. There is a rye-like tinge to the aroma. The flavor is pretty bitter. It has to be the hops; the toasted malt is very prominent but I doubt that is the only factor. I’m surprised since the hops were not as prominent in the aroma…or at least from what I can tell. It has that rye character to it. (Does that make it floral or herbal? After all this time, you would think I would know and could tell the difference.) The flavor is not as malty as the aroma. However, caramel and toasted malt are the most prominent flavors besides the bitterness. There is also a touch of dark fruit.

Fun facts about El Gigante Rojo:

• Style: Red ale.

• Price: $12 for a 64-ounce growler fill.

• Alcohol content: 6.6 ABV.

• The reason I returned to ReUnion is because I forgot to tip the waitress who filled my growler last week. I needed to ask the brewer a question and she gave me my change right before I spoke to him. I absentmindedly stuffed all the bills into wallet and did not realize I had not left a tip until later. So I made up for it this time and gave her a big tip. (I am pretty sure she was the same waitress.)

The Quiet Man’s grade: B+.

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