Beer of the Weekend #793: Red Rooster Rye IPA

The Summer of the Growler makes a mid-week appearance tonight. I could not resist the urge to buy a mini-growler and did so tonight at the Iowa City Brewlab, filling it with Red Rooster Rye IPA.

The color is a luscious, deep honey amber that is very hazy. A half-finger of thin, shiny, bubbly head leaves a bubbly lacing and bubbly ring around the edge. The aroma is a touch faint but is very enticing with scents of citrus, rye, and toasted malt that provides caramel and chocolate characters. The citrus has a touch of zest and orange, and there may also be some grapefruit. The first sip is very tasty. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy, and the hops leave the taste buds coated in a lasting bitterness. There are flavors of citrus (mostly orange and grapefruit), rye, and toasted malt. It is like a lighter-colored black IPA. The hops and rye really work the taste buds, but the bitterness is dialed back as the beer continues to warm.

Fun facts about Red Rooster:

• Style: Rye IPA.

• Price: I don’t remember the exact amount, but with the mini-growler the total was around $13.

• Alcohol content: I don’t know. I forgot to take a peek at the beer menu and take notes. I guess I’m not used to filling a growler on Wednesday.

The Quiet Man’s grade: B+.

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