The Gems of Sharpless: June 4, 2014

Sharpless was kind of spotty today. But there were a few gems, as always.

-Whoa! That color would wake one up in the morning.

-Comfortable, but ugly. It was on wheels, too.

-America’s favorite pizza, eh? Then why had I never heard of Pizza Inn?

-Oh, the insensitive things that could be said about this… To be fair, though, I have occasionally watched NASCAR. I prefer the Nationwide Series, NASCAR’s minor league, because most of those races seem to be at night.

-This box turned into a trip back to 1992–93. I peeked in when I noticed the SWV CD on top. Just beneath was a total surprise: Snow’s 12 Inches of Snow, famous for “Informer.” Beneath that was En Vogue’s Funky Divas, featuring “Free Your Mind.”

-A frame full of ticket stubs, mostly from Bradley basketball games.

-A Cherry Coke can circa 1990.

-An old jug of rhubarb wine.

-A bottle of Dubuque Star beer. Sitting nearby was a whole case full of empty Star bottles.

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