The Gems of Sharpless: June 25, 2014

-An assortment of interesting glassware, including some PBR mugs.

-A massive ashtray with the crest of Northern Illinois University. I guess they smoke a lot in DeKalb.

-The UI dental class of 1923. Someone has drawn X’s over certain people. Hmm…

-Another glass pitcher! I had not seen one until a few weeks ago and now I’m seeing them every week, it seems.

-Tap handles. These were in the valuables case. Why? I have no clue. They are not particularly unique, but I think I once heard that tap handles are pretty expensive. (Or maybe it was tappers.)

-A stamp collection album. A date at the front indicated it was from 1940. Among the German stamps were those featuring Hitler’s portrait. Creepy.

-Old school Hawkeye football playing cards.

-Milk bottles and a carrier. You know, it’s a shame that milk delivery services were discontinued. Plastic is awful stuff and it would probably be much healthier to have milk delivered in glass bottles again.

-Scenic downtown Des Moines silhouetted by lightening.

-A mini-keg dispenser. The (empty) mini-keg inside was of Henninger.

-A draft horse? I assume.

-Another (empty) mini-keg and dispenser. It’s amazing what people have hidden in their basements.

-Montgomery Ward catalog for fall and winter 1982.

-Tires with Porsche rims.

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