The Gems of Sharpless: June 18, 2014

-An interesting bar and stool set.

-Comfortable and not-so-ugly.

-This caught my eye because the author is listed as Samuel L. Clemens. I don’t think I have ever seen Twain’s real name used on the byline for his books.

-An Austin Powers backgammon case. Yeah, baby! (Did backgammon play a role in those movies? I don’t remember.) You know, I doubt I have ever played backgammon.

-A cool juicer and cup set.

-I thought it was odd that this model building kit only contained telephone poles.

-Bionic Ken. “We can rebuild him…”

-Old Illinois license plates.

-Whoa! A Rex Harrison Doctor Dolittle doll. In the packaging!

-A 1993–94 Portland Trailblazers’ glass featuring Rod Strickland.

-An Empire Strikes Back glass.

-A telephone directory from 1956. Yes, that is a dagger on the right.

-I couldn’t figure out whether or not these were referring to Lucky Strike cigarettes. If so, they should be given to lung cancer patients. (Just for the record: smoking is retarded.)

-I found this door in the yard outside. Was it painted or was the comic pasted on? I didn’t investigate further.

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