Sasha, 'Essential Mix, 27/02/2000'

My music posts seem to have become a weekly occurrence. Of course, it is not like I am blogging about anything else…

I stumbled across another great old school Essential Mix, this one by Sasha. This mix is quite hypnotic; it is the type of mix that just keeps going and going and going. The segues between tracks are seamlessly stitched together and give the impression that one track morphs into the next. In that way it reminds me a lot of Sasha’s epic collaboration with John Digweed, Communicate. Just when one thinks the mix cannot get any better, it does.

Now, a thing about the video’s picture: ignore it. It has nothing to do with the music and I think it is tasteless and sexist. There are quite a few mixes on YouTube that feature pictures of sexy female models in skimpy clothing or suggestive poses. (This great mix by Dave Seaman is an egregious example.) Why? I have no clue. Reckless promiscuity seems to be associated with the rave scene, but I am not exactly sure why electronic dance music is associated with sexist iconography. No matter what, though, it is tasteless and unnecessary.

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