The Gems of Sharpless: May 7, 2014

Today was warm and beautiful. What a great day to look at junk!

-Look! It’s firewood with black and white keys!

-Do not sit on, eh? What the hell else is it good for?

-A Coke Light bottle. I am pretty sure, based on the writing on the label, this bottle is from Germany.

-A miniature Chicago Bulls trash can.

-Yep, just what I want on my wall: a portrait of the largest meat packing plant in the world. What a sight!

-Somebody loved their Suzuki Sidekick. Back when I was ten, I thought those were the coolest cars, especially the four-door models.

-The Falstaff Shield magazine from December 1956. Which included…

-…a convenient map of the wet and dry counties in the US.

-This, believe it or not, is a monthly magazine.

-The 1982 Star Trek stardate calendar. The stardate for my birthday was 8210.22. Now I understand stardates.

-Do I even want to know what a “Stroh Light night” looks like?

-Just what I have always wanted! A tableful of car lights and dashboard equipment!

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