The Gems of Sharpless: May 21, 2014

-Both of these were oh so very comfortable, but oh so very ugly. The beastly bouquet to the right, which is just peeking around the edge of the picture, was ugly but not comfortable.

-A tin can of potato chips. I doubt I had ever seen one until today.

-This was an interesting arrangement: old school souvenir pennants and a Department of Commerce pilot’s manual from September 1940.

-Just let this sink in for a moment. Words cannot describe…

-Oh my God! I loved this series of alien–teacher books by Bruce Coville. This one, I believe, was the final book in the series.

-The Hardy boys seem to have been caught in quite a compromising position…

-A Family Circus book that once belonged to the public library in Chelsea, Iowa. I thought this was notable because I assumed the entire town of Chelsea had moved after the epic flood in 1993. After a little research, I learned it did not — and got flooded again in 2008.

-“The Age of the Bowls.” Ah, that halcyon era when there were not 40 bowl games.

-Mowers, mowers, mowers! I don’t usually look twice at the mowers at Sharpless, but today I took notice since there were so many. I looked them over, trying to find familiar models…

-…like this beast: a Lawn-Boy Silver Series from the late-nineties or early-naughties. At one point, my dad owned two at the same time. Man, did we cut hay with those puppies! (We didn’t really cut hay.)

-I also noticed these Dixon, zero-turning riders. My aunt and uncle owned one when they still lived on a farm. When I was a little kid, I would sit on my aunt’s lap as she drove it around the yard (I don’t think she was mowing, though). Note that the front one has “NO RIDERS” stenciled below the seat — which is a little disconcerting given my memories.

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