Thumb, 'Sell Myself'

Post drought!

I’ve been busy lately. I am buried in proofs and copy editing for work, volunteered to paint three bathrooms for my parents’ neighbor, and have an LV deadline today. I went camping this weekend and also helped Zaza move a refrigerated display case into her new store — which did nothing to ease the slow onset of a strain in my groin. Needless to say, blogging has taken a backseat. I would much rather lie on my couch and watch the Cubs, with an icepack on my crotch, when not torturing myself for others. But I feel bad for neglecting The Quiet Man, so I thought I would throw the blogosphere a bone with this music video post. (On a side note, I have thought about writing vignettes and posting them. They would be nothing special, but I would be writing again.)

A couple months ago, Zee German sent me an email with links to “shit i listened to when i was a young teenager.” Thumb’s “Sell Myself” was among them and it was among my favorite on the list. The most amazing thing about Thumb is that it is a German band. I would have never guessed that listening to the lyrics. Enjoy!

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