The Gems of Sharpless: April 30, 2014

There was a ton of interesting stuff at Sharpless today. Here are some of the gems I spotted.

-Stools topped with bottle tops. Cool, but I am not sure how comfortable they are.

-…Than it is coming up! (LOL!) I am pretty sure this is a Lord Calvert advert. Lord Calvert is a whiskey that is unavailable in Iowa.

-Old school Iowa pins in the valuable case. I like the “Class of the Glass” button.

-Hawkeye basketball bobbleheads — which I am pretty sure were given out this last season. I have always wanted to get one but we never get to the arena early enough.

-Was this for real? Maybe.

-A Super Bowl XXVI mug. The Redskins beat the Bills in Minneapolis. It was the only Super Bowl in the Twin Cities to date.

-A Drewrys Beer bar advert. The odd thing about this is the fact the bottle on the left is a real bottle. Interesting. Was the bottle replaced often? So many questions that will never be answered!

-An Iowa men’s basketball glass. Classy. I really need to bid on these during an auction.

-Decorative liquor bottle. What the hell was the point of these? Much like beer bottles, they’re just a waste of space once they are empty.

-I found this program for the Iowa–Iowa State football game in 1981. I forgot to take a picture of the cover, but inside was the Iowa coaching staff. Assisting the legendary Hayden Fry are four future Division I head coaches: Barry Alvarez (Wisconsin), Kirk Ferentz (Iowa), Dan McCarney (Iowa State and North Texas), and Bill Snyder (Kansas State). Hawkeye fans rave about Fry’s coaching tree, but what good did it ever do for Iowa?

-Goosebumps! That reminds me, it’s been a while since I read a Fear Street book.

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